Coding Transformation Using 3 Innovative Tools


Software and its standards have changed significantly over time. There is too much information at the fingertips of people. For the same reason, it is always significant to have a code that is capable of handling all the information properly.  The tools used for this are being upgraded to handle the works of huge business enterprises. 

The innovation concepts of programming do not limit themselves to one single concept and require a lot of hard work and talent. Coding is a process managed efficiently and at the same time makes it more reliable and secure. Many innovative tools can change the coding game of the users and take it to the next level. This article will discuss three tools that can change the efficiency of coding.

Agile Development Frameworks

They are known to be the king of the software development world. They break every project into digestible chunks and thus make it more manageable. They wrap around multiple agile methodologies and make them into a single term. They are also several tents of agile development that can be incorporated into the coding strategies to orient the workflow.

They also improve and make effective the time that is spent on the coding process. The method can also be applied to inter-departmental projects, and maximum efficiency and productivity can be achieved. 

GitHub and Git

It is created by Linus Torvalds to enhance the version control for the Linux operating system. Thus, it has become the largest collaboration of codes that exist for storage, as it is known as GitHub.  Successful software developments certainly require version controls and some applications provide snapshots of the changes given by the developers.  Therefore GitHub allows this connectivity to come into force and also allow collaboration in various methods. Moreover, the grouping does not have to be limited to just one aspect of the development process. 

CI/CD Pipelines

It streamlines the tasks and tests and deploys their codes to make work easier for the software development team. It gives the flexibility and time to create more codes as there is only less time required to fix the bugs and review other’s works. The level of automation is always high in the limits of the CI/CD pipelines that are very traditional. However, modern times help the developers to work from a distant place. It acts favourably as they all can put a collective effort into the connection and communication of the whole process. 

The CI/CD pipelines allow the application to be connected without involving the cybersecurity professionals of any organisation. The process can be put to automation to find the vulnerabilities in the software. 


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