Advanced Mac Shortcuts In Keyboard For Easier Typing And Navigating


To improve typing, one must only stick to the keyboard and touch the mouse very little. In this way, the speed and the persistence of the user would increase along with their productivity. Many of us know the basic features like the options to copy and paste or select a font. However, there are many others, and knowing them can bring a different effect on your typing skills. 

In this article, some of the shortcuts on a Mac Keyboard will be discussed. 

Shortcuts in a Browser

 One always doesn’t have to stick with the mouse to scroll through a browser. The following shortcuts would work well in Chrome and also Safari. 

Scrolls up or down a page. 

Cmd + left/right arrows: they help the user to go forward and backward through browsing history. However, the function of the shortcut will be disabled in a Google Doc. 

Cmd + up/down arrows: used to move to the top or the bottom of a webpage.

Cmd + L: Used to highlight the web address bar, also known as the location Bar. in this way the user can easily navigate through the new open websites or else search in the same tab.

Cmd + N: this feature is used to open a new browser window. In this way, the user can have a separate table for their personal and work window. Following the Cmd + Shift + N will open the incognito tab for private usage. 

Ctrl + Tab: This combination is used to move through the tabs from the right

 Ctrl + Shift + Tab: it is used to move through the tabs from the left. 

Word processor shortcuts for Mac

While drafts a document or an email, using the mouse always can be quite tedious. However, all of those are easily possible through a keyboard and all you have to do is know them. 

Cmd + top/bottom arrow: Used to navigate through the top or bottom of the document.

Opt + left/right arrow: Used to move to the left or right between the words. Usually, the navigation is through single characters and it is very time-consuming.

Cmd + left/right arrow: Used to navigate to the beginning or end of a line. Press the shift button along with this shortcut to select everything from the left to the right end of the cursor. 

Fn + Delete: this shortcut is to delete the text present in front of the cursor.

Cmd + K: This shortcut will allow the user to add a hyperlink to the selected text.


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