An Advanced Search Filter That Helps To Find COVID Resources Faster: Twitter On The Roll


Covid itself was sudden and unwelcome, and now the second wave has proven itself to be master. The battle against this virus is going to take a long time to be defeated, and the country needs to fight together to eradicate this pandemic. In such a situation, the role of social media, turning to be the information hub for the people is quite commendable. 

Twitter has always been useful for every kind of situation. This venue helps the user to post updates, ask for help and supplies, along with the numerous SOS messages that have put the world on a toll.  In the present situation, medical emergencies are increasing and Twitter has helped a lot to send and receive support from the world.

For those looking for oxygen cylinders, hospital beds or even updates about medicines, Twitter has been of great help. The provision for keyword search on Twitter has made it much easier. On Twitter, through their tweets and retweets, people share important resources and updates that are latest to have the situation under control.

Moreover, Twitter has come up with an effective search feature that is available on the desktop platform in India. In this feature, the users will be able to conduct a customized search specific to a particular date and time. It allows the user to find tweets that suit their needs and requirements. 

Twitter even has the provision to refine its searches with the use of a relevant hashtag and tapping on the toggle button to turn on theNear Youbutton. Further, the locations under the settings should be turned on for this feature to work.  Thesparklebutton on the right corner of the timeline allows the user to filter only the recent updates. 

The new advanced search feature of Twitter is under the Search filters option in the upper right tab.  In this feature, the user can filter the use of words, including the language, hashtags and even phrases. It helps the user to have a more refined search experience for a specific account and the tweets from or to them. There are even filters that are available to the replies given to the tweets.

The feature also helps the user to identify the engagement level of a particular tweet. It also allows adding filters to find the minimum number of replies, retweets and likes to an original post. The feature also allows the user to filter the post of certain important dates. If the user wants to see the tweets of the last 24 hours, they can filter it and add the specific date and then tap to search.


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