Ask The Robots For Milk And Eggs: Singapore’s New Home Delivery Method


Home delivery has become a recent trend. Anything and everything from any part of the world reaches you with just a tap in those concerned apps. Moreover, in the rising situation of the covid pandemic, people resort to staying at home and distant from strangers in the fear of catching the virus. In this state, the market has come with a new claim to home delivery services. It is not only an easy method to stop the massive spread of the virus, but also a marketing technique for the markets.

However, with the hope to capitalize on this surge in the home delivery system, a tech company in Singapore has come up with an innovative idea. They tried to deploy robots in the place of humans in one part of the city to bring home groceries for the residents.  The robots that survived were given to about 700 households in the city-state with a trial period of one year. The service was developed by OTSAW Digital, and their robot service is known as the “Camello”.

The service is available with the help of an app, where the user can book slots for getting their eggs and milk. The app would send them a notification when the robot reaches the pickup point. It can be the place preferred by the user, and that can include even the lobby of an apartment or a building.  

The robots are very well developed and equipped to do their jobs well. They are given 3D sensors with the provision for a camera. There are separate compartments in them that can carry food and parcels of about 20kg. They are in demand in Singapore, and every robot makes an average of four to five deliveries on weekdays. They also work on Saturdays till noon.

These robots are very safe and infection-prone. There are provisions for ultraviolet light within themselves, which disinfect themselves after every trip from the shop to the customer. In this way, the contactless and humanless conduct is very well taken care of. Since it is the beginning, staff would always accompany the robot to ensure that everything happens according to the plan. 

This service can be exceptionally good for the elderly as they wouldn’t have to struggle with the thought of buying groceries and even carrying them home. However, there are doubts regarding the effective working of this system as only time can prove it. Once it becomes effective, the technology would spread across the rest of the world. 


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