Automation: 3 Ways To Streamline Your Marketing Strategies

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Advertising and marketing is a vast field. Very often, companies hire another employee or contractor to manage it. However, what they do not know is that there are various digital solutions to streamline these things. This process is known as the automation of marketing. When it comes to managing the marketing efforts manually, there would be many potholes that are missed. 

Automation is a combination of software, artificial intelligence and applications used logically to produce effective results. Even for small businesses that choose the right spots to automate their marketing strategies, a huge difference can be brought. 

Some of the methods for these are:

a) Content Promotion

Content promotion becomes easier once the users learn the methods to automate it. All one needs is a plan and idea to create the right kind of procedure. Many social media management tools include the Hootsuite, Buffer etc. they come with the provision for managing all the social media accounts from a single handle. Zapier is a tool that connects the apps and allows automated workflows. 

b) Email Campaigns

Manually, it takes about seven days for every business to produce even a single mail. The mails can be so valuable, and a lot of thought goes into it. Automating email campaigns is effective as many working hours are saved in the process. A tool called the ActiveCampaign can be used, which creates individual campaigns, managed using the triggers option. The option has the facilities to track the number of subscriptions, form submissions link clicked, purchase made and many more. 

Once the copy of the email is drafted, the campaign is created automatically. It will be sent to the people that are on the email list, be it any number. 

c) Customer Feedback

The success of every company depends on the satisfaction of the consumers. Therefore, it is significant to collect adequate data to understand their attitude and gain insights. It is where automated customer feedback comes into play. There are many ways for this, and the most crucial one is the SMS text survey software like Delighted, which helps the customers to provide instant feedback more conveniently. 

One needs to have a Zapier account that can have open surveys and understand the mass attitude to a product or service. There is also a method to understand the customer sentiment, and it is the Monkey Learn tool. If it helps the company to understand the mass attitude and the issue at stake.


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