Ditch Google With Some Alternative Gadget And App Replacements


Google is the solution for every job, ranging from maps to smartphones. Without even the user’s knowledge, the app has swept into the everyday life of every person. The software is the key person, which controls everything, including the communications, schedules and digital memories of a person. The monopoly of this software is quite concerning. 

Maybe this tech giant needn’t have to be so overpowering and aware of everything about the user. The user has a lot of other options and does not have to be always under the companies ad targets, ethics or even the software design. This article will give a brief idea of the possible gadgets using which many of Google’s monopolisation can be ended.


It is a search feature that can effectively replace the Google search button. Google closely monitors the users for their ad benefits and other things. However, it is not at all the same with DuckDuckGo. This feature works without any targets and keeps very minimum ads. The user also has the option to turn it in if they find it troublesome,

The significant selling points of this software are the privacy and no tracking feature. Moreover, the search results are very accurate with the additional facility to search by date and view videos and images.


Instead of Gmail, the users can make use of the facilities of ProtonMail. This mail has the feature of E2E encryption, and the sole owner of the mails would be the user. The code of the platform is also easily accessible by anybody to check the security and privacy features. The app is very efficient as well as intuitive, with a facility to avail of a paid plan. Through the user can avail extra features. 


Google photos appear to be the saviour of storage spaces. However, an easy alternative that not many are aware of is Dropbox. This app works well in Windows and has the access and capacity to hold 500px photos. The user can afford the $10 monthly plan is a great solution that permits the user to upload photos from any device. They are also easily accessible in the cloud. Therefore, the user can access it and share it anytime they want. 

Here WeGo

Although Apple Maps are the best alternative for Google Maps, it is not accessible to all. Bing Maps on the other hand is only usable through the web. This makes Here WeGo a decent alternative for Google Maps. it is accessible through every platform especially if the user is trying to navigate from A to B.


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