Export Facebook Posts to Google Docs: Follow These Steps

a person holding phone with fb app open

Technology and its scope have always been on the rise. The possibilities to upgrade is everywhere in a technical space. Be it software or apps, the limit for development is infinite. Facebook was started as an online community to connect people and share news. Now the scope of it has reached the extent to grow entrepreneurs out of nowhere. 

The possibilities of Facebook have always been outrageous. Recently, they have announced the facility to expand the data transfer tools, which includes online posts and notes on a social network. It is similar to the company’s facility to transfer the photos and videos on Facebook to other platforms like google photos. The tool was introduced in 2019, and more platforms were added to it over time. 

When the user chose the option to transfer their photos, Facebook used to automatically suggest google photos. Similarly, for text transfer, the tool automatically gives options, blogger, WordPress, and even google photos. This new method would help the writers and bloggers, to automatically share their ideas to any other chosen platform. 

However, since this is a new option, not many are aware of it. Here are the steps to export Facebook posts to other online documents.

Step 1: Select setting and navigate to the Your Facebook Information.

Here you can see the option for “Transfer a copy of your information”.

Step 2: Then select the transfer of your information Option.
Step 3: Would ask the user to enter their password to confirm their identity

Enter your password

Step 4: Select the type of service or data to which the file is to be transferred.

Enter your type details here

Step 5: Enter the password once more
Step 6: Click on Confirm Transfer.

Things to Note

  • While transferring the post to a text, some changes can happen to the proposed text. For instance, if the post contains photos or videos, the transfer will be with the media content. 
  • In the transfer, the files that are visible on the user’s profile only will be moved.
  • Content uploaded by a friend cannot be transferred even upon request.
  • The content posted on the friend’s profile cannot be transferred.

Why this Feature?

The feature is developed for bloggers, and feel the need to preserve their ideas in full. Facebook has visualized this feature giving priority to the privacy of the user as it makes them re-enter the password to begin the process of transfer. The feature ensures text preservation for all the users and also privacy along it. The rising facilities with technology have promised more to surge the comfort and ease of every user in the tech world.


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