How To Chat And Share Information With Yourself On WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a widely used app in the whole world. People use the app to send personal messages and also anything and everything related to business and office. Nowadays, there are even WhatsApp groups depending on the ongoing work or education status of a person. They are intended to pass on messages or share information on a particular subject. So WhatsApp has become an inevitable part of every human being.

Even after widespread protest against the changing of privacy policies of WhatsApp, the application is still in use. It can be said to be inevitable even if one tries very hard to get rid of it. Whatsapp is useful in sharing information with other people. However, one significant feature that many are not aware of is how the app permits them to chat with themselves.

It is very useful when it comes to taking notes, keeping useful information in the form of files, videos and images and also safekeeping details. Many people are not very aware of this method and often try to store this personal information by sending it to their dear ones. However, this need not be the technique in the future, just follow these simple steps, and users can easily self chat on the WhatsApp Web.

Steps to Self Chat on WhatsApp

 Step One: On the web browser either on the computer or the laptop.

Step Two: In the address bar type “” and follow it with the phone number of the user with which WhatsApp is being used. Do not forget to include the country code. For instance, for a user from India, the address will be ‘’. Then press enter.

Step Three: After this, a new tab will appear on the screen with the option to open the WhatsApp chat to the entered number.

Step Four: If the user has done the above on their phone, their WhatsApp will open. There the profile of the user can be seen along with their profile picture and number.

Step Five: If it is the computer of the laptop, the new will open to the option of “Continue to Chat” 

Step Six: the user can go on to click the continuation options either on the WhatsApp Web or the Desktop App. Following this, the personal chat window of the contact will also open up.

Using these simple steps, the user can chat with themselves. The provision allows them to add notes, save photos and videos, and also share and store important links.


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