IG Live Broadcast Now Easier Using The Options To Switch Off The Audio and Video


The new Instagram update features the option to turn off both the camera and the audio during the Instagram lives. Using this feature, the hosts will have more ease and flexibility during their live sessions, says Instagram. The feature would also relieve them the usual pressures to look or sound in a certain way while in life. The societal expectations are broken down, and anybody can go live using this feature.

However, this feature could be another usual one from the playbook of the clubhouse. The provision of turning the video off paves way for more fruitful conversations.  Moreover, through the audio-only feature, the creators can talk from any corner of the world. They can multitask, move around and don’t have to stare at the camera the whole time.

This feature is very similar to the clubhouse live feature, and it is very advantageous. The audio feature in the chat rooms of the clubhouse helps to be more attentive to the conversations. The background noises would no longer be a reason for worry or distraction. 

The feature was tested at the beginning of April 2021 during an Instagram live session between  Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri. Earlier in March, Instagram came with the feature to add up to four people to the live show at once. It was mainly focused to have discussions, host talk shows, share experiences and more.


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