Loopholes In VPNs? A Disaster That Might Need Immediate Action


VPN meltdown is a factor that becomes a more serious issue in corporate connections. The firm FireEye which is based on security has recently revealed that about a dozen malware were spread out but the hacking groups through the Pulse Secure VPN. The group targets income sources, including government, financial institutions and even defence contractors. They even stole credentials that are very important which keeps their access more sustained. 

VPN hacks have become very troublesome as the whole point of establishing a secure network is being tarnished by hackers. It has become an easy method as they don’t involve any custom malware or emails. In the Fire Eye issue, the hackers appear to be linked to China, and one of the malware include Slopulse which is capable enough to get into even the two-factor authentications. 

Usually, companies update their VPN very slowly as there would be downtime, which inhibits the employees from working effectively. Earlier VPN was reliable and accountable to the protocols. They are known as the Internet protocol security or the IPsec. However, they are very contradictory in their function. On one end, they would appear very reliable, but on the other end, they are very complicated to use.

Recently more VPN came into existence, and they were built on exceptional encrypted technologies. They are known as the transport layer security and the secure sockets layer. They made it possible for the hacker to log in to the company’s network in a seamless manner. 

The CERT Coordination centre at Carnegie Mellon University talks about how the risks of these methods are not considered, and a lack of preparation from the people’s side if there are any sudden attacks. The user would not even be able to respond to an attack as there is no known method. 

It is justified that every software is supposedly vulnerable in one way or the other. However, when it comes to VPN, it is an inbuilt guarantee to be private and safe to the users. The significance of the issue was brought to light during the pandemic where work from home culture became more effective. The threats and flaws that are attacked with the software came to light and gave more opportunity for the hackers. So, it became more difficult to spot the villain, especially in multinational companies. 

Therefore the vulnerabilities in VPN are very easy to exploit, and the concern is how the corporate world still fails to address them seriously. 


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