Rejected By Netscape In 1995: User Tweets: Musk Confirms.


As the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, the career path of Elon Musk is well known to most people. The fact that he’s the third richest man in the world makes him even admirable. The man has struggled all his life with a lot of rejections from his place of study as well as that of work. Recently, a Twitter user opened up to confirm the unknown. Elon Musk’s struggle even extended to denying him from getting a position at Netscape during its starting phase in 1995.

The Twitter user @PPathole revealed an incident with the picture of Musk and his motivation to find his own internet company as a result of his struggle. The younger Musk was so eager to build his career from the telecommunication and software company that was founded in 1994. But it seems like the recruiters were very unpleased with his resume and rejected it.

Following this, a lot of other users joined the group and talked about how motivated they are from the life and experiences of Musk. Many said that Musk was an inspiration and motivation for the people who struggle to find a light of hope in their life. One of them wrote how he sent his resume to Netscape, tried to hang around their lobby but was too shy to get in a talk. As a result of this, the man started his own company, the user continued. 

The increasing tweets and mentions only invited the attention of the hero to the matter. Not only did he take note of it, but also found the time to respond to it. Seemingly he wasn’t even reluctant to talk about his struggles and added that he did get a job, but it was not an Internet Company. Moreover, there wasn’t a lot of 

This winner is a cool and sweet person who finds time to respond to the quirky questions of his admirers. Moreover, he loves to give market advice, share memes and be unique and cool in his own way. Musk’s response was viral and invited the attention of more than 85,000 users in terms of likes and comments. The struggle of the man and how much he has achieved in life was the centre of talk that the crowd lauded that day.

Elon Musk is the third richest man in the world, working hard to become the richest man in the world. However, one thing he has already accompanied is a million hearts by being an inspiration to them.


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