Some Possible Ways To End Data Theft By Cell Providers


One of the things that are inevitable in the lives of the present human beings is smartphones. They play a vital role in the lives of everybody from the start of the day to its end. They hold the more intimate of reasons which no other human beings would be knowing. However, when it comes to keeping it a secret, the commitment of our phones is very questionable. 

One instance of the privacy breach is the merger of T-Mobile with Sprint in 2020. T-mobile announced that they intend to use the customers’ usage data for third party advertising. However the data sharing is not limited to the T-mobile cell phone provider and some others include AT&T, Verizon DEFCON and many more. To defy the personal space of the customers by using their data is something that should bother every user. The peeping eyes of a third party take away one’s freedom. 

Individual freedom includes one’s liberty to travel, usage of apps, websites. The data providers intrude into all kinds of private information of the user including their travel plans, income level, religious beliefs and even one’s sexual preferences. 

However, there are a few ways to end the tarnish of one’s privacy to some extent. 

1. Verizon

Like the other major cell providers, Verizon also shares the user data with third parties. Some of them include the tower location, interest and demographic data, usage of apps and website, buying activities, IP address, device identifiers, screen recordings connection speed and many more. 

Even though it is not all, there is an option to opt-out of the business marketing insights of the provider. The user has to login to the Verizon account and navigate to “Personal” > “Account” > “Account Settings” > “Privacy Settings” > “Change settings. Scroll down to reach the  “Business & Marketing Insights” section. Select the do not use tab in the “May we use your information for Business and Marketing Insights?option. Save the changes after this. 

2. T-Mobile

T-mobile is the brand name of mobile subsidiaries of  Deutsche Telekom AG, a german telecommunication company. They have publicly declared that they would collect the data of the users. They include the credit card numbers, interests and preferences of the users. 

In the privacy policy of the company, there is a sentence that goes, “the information we learn from your web and device usage data (like the apps installed on your device) and interactions with our products and services, for our own and 3rd party advertising, unless you tell us not to.” in this, the last words are “unless you tell us not to”

There is an easy way to opt-out of this data collection and that primarily needs a T-mobile ID. login to the account and navigate through “My account” > “Profile” > “Privacy and Notifications” > “Advertising & Analytics” . then turn off the option that asks for data usage for reporting and analytics. Also, turn off the option that asks to use the data to make data that are relevant to the user. 


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