Unlock Your iPhone With Apple Watch While Wearing A Mask: Here’s How


At the beginning of 2020, everybody would have wished for a better world and better times. However, things took a toll. The need to wear masks has become a new trend to save lives. In an attempt to get back from the COVID -19 pandemic, masks became very important. However, one thing that was greeted affected is the Face ID unlock feature offered on iPhone and iPad.

As half of the face is covered using masks, it becomes in effect for the face recognition face to function well. The tendency to remove masks from time to time is not very healthy, and it can lead to the risk of spreading the virus. Therefore it is not a viable option. However, the good news is that Apple has come up with the new feature of mask detection to the face enabled device. This feature would immediately show the provision for entering a passcode while attempting to unlock the device while wearing a mask.

There is also a surge in various Face ID registration methods that are said to be useful in face recognition while wearing a mask. However, this is not a recommended solution, as it puts the security of the device at risk. The device’s security will be reduced, in the iOS device. It can even allow unauthorised users to open the device as a result of failure in recognising the face. 

The other option offered in iOS 14.5 is the feature to open the locked iPhone or iPad using the paired apple watch through an authentication procedure. This feature was released on all the iOS 14.5 devices from the 26th of April, 2021.

In the article, let us discuss the procedure to install iOS 14.5 and the watchOS 7.4

Install iOS 14.5

First of all, the feature requires the latest iOS version. Therefore make sure your device is updated. For that, open the setting app, select the general option and go to software update. Then select the download feature option and proceed to install once prompted. 

The feature also requires the user to have the watchOS 7.4 installed in the Apple Watch. For that, go to the Watch app on the iPhone and select software update in the general option. Like the other, download and press the install button once it is prompted. 

To allow the apple watch to unlock the iPhone, open the setting app and select the Face ID and option for a passcode. Then go on to enable the toggle bar, which asks to include Apple Watch, under the section for Unlock with Apple Watch. By tapping on the Turn on the button, you would be agreeing to the details. 


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