Voice Shortcuts Replacing “Hey Google” For Quicker Take Achievements


Reports say that Google has lately been working on the voice shortcut. Sources say that this could be a new way of interaction, instead of “Hey Google”. We are very well aware of the fact that “Hey Google has been the traditional way of activating the assistant. It has been there for ages that it is very well known by even the small children. However, in the event of upgrading it, google has decided to change this little feature. It could be their way of simplifying things and making it easier to interact with the assistant, says the courses. 

The findings from the XDA developers shows that a new feature has been installed in the setting of the app. This feature is known as the Guacamole which provides the facilities of adding voice shortcuts. The user can use this feature to answer a call or snooze an alarm. However, the feature hasn’t yet become fully effective and still in its developing stage. 

If this particular feature becomes effective, the traditional way of beginning with “Hey Google” will come to an end. The users will then be able to directly skip to the required tasks. Google’s attempt to eliminate this feature could be to make the feature easier to use at times of urgency. The attempt to make itself quite customised for the user’s benefit is also evident here.  The support of the voice shortcut will help the same to happen. 

Many expect google to introduce this feature in the Google I/O event that will happen in May 2021. As guacamole is a null feature, nobody can expect how it is supposed to work. So the further updates and announcements by google are very crucial.

The guacamole feature was supposed to be an extreme secret and what happened was quite an accident. Somehow it rolled out in the previous update, and the users are very curious as to what next. However, everybody is very sure that the goal of this feature would be nothing but to ease the user.

In 2019, google came up with a similar feature to Nest Hub. The feature was aimed at using the keywords like ‘stop’ for snoozing the display alarms. The same feature is now being tried on the assistant app which can be a game-changer for the next generation users. However, it is sure for the current users to miss the “Hello Google” feature as it was going on for ages. 

Google assistant is at present used by more than 500 million people across the globe, daily. 


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