Wearable AC: Sony To The Rescue From The Extreme Heat And Cold


The summers in japan are very awful with the feeling of being live cooked whenever you step out in July and August. It is why Sony has decided to come up with the Reon Pocket,  a wearable air conditioner.  It is an innovative device that helps the user to wear it under their clothes to keep themselves cool or warn according to the requirement. 

This device is being launched through their first flight internal startup incubator/ crowdfunding platform. The platform has previously come up with many products that fulfil the present needs of the common public. They include the FEC E Ink Watch, the smart home universal remote and even the modular wristwatch.

The Reon pocket is a palm-sized device that is slim and charges with the help of USB-C. They can be charged by connecting to an android phone or iOs with the support of Bluetooth. The silicone pad on the back of the device is what is pressed against the skin. The theory behind the Reon Pocket is the Peltier effect where the body is warmed or cooled by the absorption or release of heat. It can even be handheld to be used.

Sony has even come up with their special t-shirts, which have pockets on the inner side of the back where the device can be freely rested between the shoulder blades. 

look at the marked circle area

The Reon Pocket weighs about 80 grams, and it is not at all noticeable or heavy when it is worn under the t-shirt. The device also doesn’t stick out because it is very slim. According to Sony, this device can reduce the surface temperature of the body by 13-degree celsius. 

There is even an app to control the temperature setting of the Reon Pocket. The device is given three levels of setting to coop up and warm the body. There is even a boost mode where the speed of the fan can be controlled for about 2 minutes. The automatic mode is another option that helps the device to be turned on using the available power button. This option works for about three hours when there is a charge. 

Therefore the Reon Pocket is the greatest innovation that proves the evolving mind of mankind. They are very helpful in coordinating the human body in a better way. They also relieve man from the strain of going out in the hot and humid climate. Gone are the days when we hid inside the house reluctantly to enjoy nature, because of the terrible sun.


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