What Happened To The Hackers Who Tried To Extort $50 Million From Apple?


A hacker is a computer expert who uses their technical expertise to achieve a goal in a computerized system. There are both ethical as well as non-ethical hackers, who use their power for good as well as bad for society. They use their knowledge to break into a computer system using bug fixes and other exploits. Then they would try to access the data that would be otherwise not even within their reach.

When it comes to legal hacking, they can be used to collect information about a criminal or some aspect for the betterment of the country.  Therefore, hacking is a tool that can take a significant role in legal as well as illegal warfare.

In March 2021, Quanta Computer Inc, which is Apple’s Taiwan based supplier, faced a huge unexpected cyberattack. It was reported by Bloomberg that the hackers, who are members of the “REvil” group have stolen the blueprints from the database. They include those of the gadgets of Apple which consists of a lot of information about the model,  methods of function, and programming used.

During this time, Apple was busy at their Spring Loaded event with numerous programs for product launches and announcements. It could have left them less guarding of their security sources. 

According to the claims to the “REvil” group, all the local network data available from Quanta has been stolen and encrypted by them. They have even tried to hold it to ransom and demanded $50 million. They had said they only if they get the money would they give the decryption key that can unlock the systems. However, the company did not budge against this threat and took a firm stand.

The group then decided to round on Apple and demanded it from the tech giant. They asked to either pay them the said amount or threatened to release the product schematics that were stolen, on the dark web day by day. The stolen data has about 15 images, and details of an upcoming MacBook claims the sources. 

While the world was in shock, the “REvil” group took a mysterious turn. Suddenly they removed all their references and claims related to this attempt from the blogs related to the dark web. Other sources claim how these hacker groups stick to their claims and never go back on the threats. However, this time, the dwindles into nothingness, and Apple remains to be the star.


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