Why Use VPN And Who Would Use Them?


Virtual Private Network or VPN is software that helps in secure and anonymous browsing. The many other uses of a VPN include 

  • Connections to Servers that are Remote
  • Prevent devices to get hacked while connected to a public wiFi
  • The user’s online presence and their information would be kept private
  • Access to certain websites without any restrictions.
  • Users would be able to download from torrent anonymously. 

VPN is Your Preference If,

VPN is used by a lot of people and all of their intentions are different. Some of them include:

Public Wi-Fi users

VPN is also used by people who consistently use the Public Wi-Fis. They are available in railway stations, airports, restaurants and many other public spaces. However, public Wi-Fis can be insecure in most instances, and it would be easy for the hackers to indulge in. There have been many instances where hackers watch the user activity and steal their data through public Wi-Fis. 

Torrent Users

VPNs are used by different types of people and a significant one among them is a torrent user or a downloader. Torrenting activities, including P2P file sharing, are some things that the ISP is continuously monitoring. It prevents users from downloading copyrighted materials that can be otherwise downloaded through torrent if there is a VPN. 

VPN is also used by users who face bandwidth limitations and problems related to speed throttling. Since both of these issues occur due to ISP monitoring, VPN creates a safe space through the encrypted tunnel. Thus, the ISP would not be able to detect user traffic. Thus, online identities can be hidden using a VPN.

Privacy Freaks

For a person who gives huge importance to their privacy, the internet is not a preferable choice. Moreover, certain organisations, marketers, and advertising agencies keep track of people’s internet activities. They collect information about the user’s preferences, their likes, dislikes and more. Later these details can be used to increase their web experience.

However, the privacy concern can be solved if there is access to VPN. VPN can easily encrypt the user’s traffic, hide the location, their identity and other website activities. Thus, the advertisers cannot track the user. For the users who value their privacy, VPN can:

  • Keep websites from being hacked.
  • Prevent ISP and advertisers from tracking activity.
  • Secure Connection and Online presence which can be kept private.
  • Business VPN used by companies can ensure that the employee connects to company network safety. 
  • VPN is used by web developers to ensure a fast load time and thus stop malware from affecting the user.

More access to geo-restricted contents

In some countries, certain websites cannot be accessed. For instances, the presence of Spotify, Hulu or even Netflix is available only in certain countries. However, with the use of a VPN, people can have easy access to these contents. VPN would mask the IP address of the user, and make it appear from a different country, from where the contents are accessible. For Hulu to be accessible outside the united stated and Japan, then all you have to set the VPN to that specific country.

These are some of the primary users of VPN and how they can make a difference in our lives.


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