YouTube Select: A New Way To Explore The Sponsorship Boundaries Of YouTube


The usual advertisements that are watched on television have gone outdated now. With the shift in television being the sole source of entertainment, times have changed. People preference watching videos and shows that are available on Youtube and similar OTT Platforms. So to comply with the newer ways to redirect people’s attention, advertisement companies have also changed their methods. It is not just about the bigger companies, by any way of sponsorships are now possible in the new platforms. 

It is now possible to expand the state of sponsorship activities on YouTube, through the YouTube Select feature. In this way, the brands will have more options. The options include those to attach the promotions to be appealing to the moments and themes of the apps. 

According to Youtube, 

“In addition to longstanding sponsorships available exclusively in the upfront, like ‘NFL Game Day All Access‘, new this year, we’re offering a rolling set of seasonal sponsorships available quarterly. Our seasonal sponsorship offering focuses specifically on what’s prominent in culture during that time of year, like Mother’s Day, Summer Wellness or Women in Music during Women’s History Month.”

In this method of sponsorship, the companies and brands will pave the way to being more popular among the public. With the provision to include thematic content, the promotions will run along with the videos systematically. There will be more categories and diversity to them.

The other things, that will be included along with the sponsorship activities are:

  • Content opportunities for new gamers through the Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards.
  • All Day Access to the NFL as the advertisers will be able to sponsor the show for multiple episodes. It can include the regular season as well as the postseason.
  • YouTube Green Light- A feature to use the emerging content creators to sponsor brands in a realistic manner.
  • Seasonal Event Sponsorship Opportunities like those for Mother’s Day or Black music Appreciation Month.

According to YouTube, these are just a few of those sponsorship opportunities that are available throughout the year. There are also a variety of programs and channels that coexist with this. They intend to facilitate more ways to allow the brands to maximize their popularity along with the network. Even though these types of sponsorship are expensive, their reach is high.

A lot of people across the world are viewing them at different periods, the audiences are therefore always engaged in such a platform. The google sales team is in charge of the YouTube Select Sponsorships, as directed by YouTube itself. 


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